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Mudrashram Institute
Meditation instruction; read about meditation\'s role in therapy, recovery from addiction, and self-development.
Bonny Foundation
Providing GIM Transpersonal Imagery using music, Mozart, and Mandala.
Complete Self Attunement
A meditation based personal growth therapy that assists the individual is identifing and healing areas that are blocking one's physical, emotional, mental, and more.
Dedicated Life Institute
Supports spiritual exploration and growth and is dedicated to making the principles and more.
Desk top Meditation
A slide show and e-book on meditation.
Divine Gold
Divine New age Relaxation Music. If you look for unique, uplifting and inspiring music CD's, you found it.
Expanding Paradigms Meditation
On line instruction in 10 different styles of meditation, including walking, working, eating, breath awareness, mantra, and detached observation. Classes in Austin, Texas and retreats around the world are available.
Feel Better about Things
Articles by Bob Steinman in the general area of self help with an emphasis on stress management techniques and tips, meditation, and other forms of relaxation.
Health and Yoga
Understand the concept and discover methods to make meditation a joyful experience. Explore various techniques and mudras.
Holistic Online
Meditation is covered in depth including relaxation response, postures for meditation, and meditation practices. Healing application of meditation is also covered.
House of Bliss
On-line yoga and meditation. (may require some plugg-ins)
Inner Sports
Meditation and yoga applied to sports and outdoor activities.

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