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Book Reviews by Danny Yee
A review of Lise Eliot's book on how the brain and mind develop in the first five years of life.
Canadian Child Care Federation
Provides resources and programs for child care providers and parents.
Care of the Premature Infant
Monitoring growth and development in the premature infant: An article from the American Academy of Family Physicians.
Child & Family Canada
A site designed for parents and caregivers of young children. Learn how to protect kids from environmental contaminants in places where they grow, learn and play.
Child Development Institute
Provides information on parenting, child development, child psychology, health and safety, learning disabilities and teens.
Child Trends DataBank
The one-stop-shop for the latest national trends and research on over 80 key indicators of child and youth well-being, with new indicators added each month. Links to state, local, and international estimates are also available.
Deepalaya : The largest operational NGO in Delhi
Deepalaya is the largest operational NGO in Delhi, working in 76 slum locations of Delhi, 84 villages of Haryana and 5 villages of Uttaranchal. The focus is on child and education but the other sector of information are community health and more.
Excel Institute
Centers that can help reduce or get children off ritalin, as well as help correct other learning disabilies. Alternatives to putting child on ritalin.
From Birth to Puberty
A practical guide to the parenting skills needed to help your child develop a healthy sexuality.
Integrated Therapy for Children
Integrated Therapy for Children provided by Judy Sommer offers help with children with learning difficulties including dyspraxia, clumsy child, developmental co-ordination disorder, slow learner, slow reader, speech delay, poor gross and fine motor skills.
Key Concepts of Early Child Development
All children progress through an identifiable sequence of physical, cognitive, and emotional growth and change. Children respond best when caregivers use specific techniques designed to encourage and stimulate progress.
Overview of prenatal care, changes to expect, taking care of yourself, emotional health, and planning for the future.

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