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ADD Treatment and Research Facility
This clinic provides low cost ADD and learning disabily testing for children and adults. Dr. Cindy Taylor, Clinical Psychologist, is trained in a variety of different testing and treatment procedures, and she is able to provide a comprehensive evaluation, explanation, and treatment plan for individuals experiencing any number of different psychological, cognitive, or educational problems.
Doll Sewing Patterns for American Girl Dolls
For the mental health of your daughter or granddaughter, we recommend sewing doll clothing together. It is tremendously healing and bonding.
Learning Assessment & Neurocare Centre
An independant health care clinic specialising in the assessment and management of neurobiological conditions, particularly ADHD.
Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Symptoms, Treatment, and Online Resources.
Santa Cruz Mental Health Advocate
We believe recovery is possible. Our site contains articles, news, recovery techniques and links. We also have personal experiences and stories from those suffering with the label of mental illness.
The Child Anxiety Network
A resource for parents, teachers and healthcare professionals who work with children who have anxiety disorders. Maintains a list of suggested readings and a treatment provider database.
The Megan Bear Foundation
For grieving children; helping fatherless or motherless children and their families through summer camp programs, social interaction.
Therapeutic Storytelling Intervention International
TSI is a therpeutic process developed by Ron Phillips that uses his Book "Gem of the First Water." TSI utilizes storytelling to guide adolescense or latency children on a journey of discovery and in some cases recovery. The story lends itself to questions and discussions. Because the format is externalized, listeners feel safe. The story uses a peer hero and as unfolds listeners see themselves in the literary characters' exploits. TSI avoids the ususal adolescent traps that end communication; "you should, you must, boy you better!or if you don't!" The story creates the segway for thinking and discussion. For more information about TSI consult the website.
Web site for Dr. Hess; developmental psychologist
Dr Hess is a developmental psychologist specializing in children impacted by developmental delays,autism, Asperger's Disorder and regulatory disorders. She is one of Dr. Stanley Greenspan's Senior Clinicians on the West Coast, specializing in the intervention methodology known as Floor Time. For more information regarding Dr. Hess, please refer to her site.
Your Family Clinic
A resource that offers products, services, and information related to psychology and mental health services to children, adolescents, and their families.

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