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Through [their] keyword-searchable knowledgebase, AEGiS offers cutting edge information via HIV/AIDS specific publications and news sources from around the world. In addition, an array of reference materials are offered. As new aspects of HIV/AIDS arise, AEGiS will continue to extend its efforts towards the dissemination of potentially life saving information. -- About AEGiS, Mission Statement
The Body: A Multimedia AIDS and HIV Information Resource
A service of Body Health Resources Corporation, The Body provides information collected from more than twenty-two organizations: AIDS basics, testing, demographics, safe sex questions and answers, treatment, diet and nutrition, depression, anxiety, mental health, financial and legal issues, spiritual counseling, etc. One of the nicest features of this site is its use of expert professionals to field questions asked by users. The format is very attractive; clickable logos link to resources, photos of the experts are provided, as well as graphical clues to location of relevant information. On the downside, the "Who We Are" section is too brief, and some of the links are provided only by images.

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