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Adrenal Incidentalomas
The significance of Adrenal incidentalomas [CMAJ - October 1, 1997].
Barnes Medlit
Barnes MedLit offers premier medical history software specifically designed for the individual needs of patients, physicians, residents, medical students and alllied health professionals and students. Barnes MedLit publishes a "free" Medical Digest that includes scholarly analysis of medical articles and discussions of selected health topics and diseases.
Clinical Practice Guidelines for Endocrinologists
The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists has published 9 sets of clinical guidelines for endocrine conditions and 2 position statements. They are available hear for reading and printing at this site.
Diabetic Books & Diabetes Information
Diabetes Information, Diabetic diet, diabetic recipes books and magazines. You will find a large amount of diabetes information.
Comprehensive online source of information on endocrine diseases, directed to physicians.
FTM Australia Inc.
FTM Australia (FTMA) provides up to date information to men living with the physical condition called transsexualism (sometimes called female-to-male transsexuals), and female-to-male transgender people (FTMs); their partners, family and supporters. We strive to improve the public's understanding of transsexualism and to increase healthcare providers awareness of transsexualism.
Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust
A charity offering support and information to people with diabetes and their families, especially those experiencing problems when using synthetic GM human insulin.
Lion Den Endocrine Links
Links to endocrine related sites (includes endocrinology, glands, hormones, disorders)
OHSU Pituitary Unit - Pituitary Tumor and Disease Treatment Center
Pituitary tumor and pituitary disease treatment center. Information on managing a pituitary tumor or disease.The OHSU Pituitary Unit treats pituitary tumors and pituitary diseases including Cushing's Disease, Acromegaly, and Prolactinomas.

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