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Association for the Bladder Exstrophy Community (ABC)
Offers information about the organization and the disease. Includes FAQs, a glossary, support groups, a bulletin board and resources.
Bladder Disorders
An overview of bladder problems, including infections, cancer, atonic bladder, interstitial cystitis, overactive bladder (OAB), and prolapse.
ICIC, Interstitial Cystitis Information Center
The ICIC provides a collection of articles on non-invasive therapies for Intersitial Cystitis (IC). It represents over 10 years of study & research by Kay H. Benton, a former IC patient. It also presents HEALTH PRODUCTS DISTRIBUTORS (HPD), which provides fine, hypoallergenic high purity supplements specially designed for IC patients. Kay Benton passed away suddenly in Feb 2003, but the WEB site is kept open by her husband, Duane Benton, to still provide help to folks who suffer from the debilitating aspects of IC.
Intelligent Caring Interstitial Cystitis Advice
An indepth and unique site, featuring IC medical advice, a wonderful, in-depth forum and great section of IC friendly recipes. Created by JessICa Cangino an IC patient and advocate. New articles and information are added constantly. This site was creatd for all those who have had their lives touched or affected by IC (and related medical conditions).
Medicine Net Focus on Urological Disorders
Offers medical information, doctor produced, written for patients experiencing disorders such as urinary tract infections, and overactive bladder. Includes procedures, tests, and medications.
Ohsu Health Urology
Overview, symptom and treatment information about urology health topics from Oregon Health and Sciences University.
PKDIET-Informational Polycystic Kidney Disease Website
Personal accounts of dietary, herbal and topical means of coping with some aspects of kidney and liver disease.
Renal Research Institute
Renal Research Institute (RRI) consists of a network of dialysis facilities with premier academic centers dedicated to advancing therapy options for dialysis patients. RRI continually seeks to provide the highest caliber of care based on advanced clinical technology through a collaborative research approach.
The NephCure Foundation
The NephCure Foundation is the only organiation solely committed to supporting research seeking the cause of Nephrotic Syndrome and FSGS, improving treatment and finding the cure. We also aim to be a proactive, helpful, reliable resource for patients and their families dealing with these potentially devestating diseases.
Urinary Problems in Women
Faqs about voiding pain and difficulties, blood in urine, frequent urinary tract infections, nighttime urinary urgency and incontinence and the influence of fibroids and endometriosis on urinary function.
Provides urological information for urologists, general practitioners, and non-professionals. By Abbott Laboratories.
Provides urological information for urologists, general practitioners, and non-professionals. By Abbott Laboratories.

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