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is Degeneration
This article shows the difference between degenerative and infectious diseases, their causes, and what can be done to stop the disease process by addressing their underlying causes.
A Pinch of Controversy Shakes Up Dietary Salt
An article over the use of salt, a scientific look, regulating the intake, the bodies need for salt and reducing the intake.
Amyloidosis Support Network
Provide complete, integrated, easy-to-reach support and information to existing information and referrals for other sources of help. Primarily for patients and their families struggling with the disease.
Causes of Eating Disorders -- Healthy Within
Healthy Within Treatment Center works with all types of eating disorders -- located in San Diego, CA.
Global Health Solutions
We are a publishing house specializing in information on hydration. We make available all of the books, audios, videos, etc. by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj We have also launched a new organization, NAFHIM, The National Association for Honesty in Medicine. Our new book "Water Cures;Drugs Kill" rather reflects what we are seeing. Another new book "Water for Health,for Healing, for Life," is proving to be of much help to people, clearly explaining Doctor's healing protocol.
Glossary of Food-Related Terms
All food related terms, as well as diseases and disorders. Alphabet bar for easy searching.
Health Enhancement Corporation and Debora A. Robinett, M.A., R.D., C.D.
Nutrition and wellness education available in-office and via telephone consultation, nutrition/health reference library, Fitness magazine article, quality nutritional supplements, telephone and online ordering, recipe section, and nutrition tips available.
Discusses the controversy over corn syrup contributing to the increase in the number of overweight people.
Princess Margaret Nucleotide Metabolism Centre
Research into Purine disorders including gout, self-biting, Lesch-Nyhan Disease.
Roles of Mental Health Professionals in Multidisciplinary Medically Supervised Treatment Programs for Obesity
Paper presenting a case management model, assessment for treatment planning, clinical practice model, and behavioral health treatment options.
Specialty Diets Inc provides information, peer communication, specialty diets products, tools, and services to assist and support the management of medical diets such as Juvenile Diabetes and metabolic disorders.
The Merck Manual looks at this, the most severe form of malnutrition. Its causes, signs, symptoms and treatment are discussed.

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