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This site was developed for high school debaters researching the national debate topic. It contains links to think tanks, articles, and advocacy groups on a variety of health issues. As a service to the mental health community, it will be maintained as an archive, but is not being regularly updated.
Empowerment for Healthy Minds
Consumer-run mental health advocacy organization based in Southwestern Virginia. Empowerment and activism are emphasized.
European Federation of Families of Mentally Ill People
Information about member organisations and the help, support and information that we can provide. Also, agenda of planned activities, and updates about issues that are important in our lives.
Green Party of Canada
An overview of the GPC's policies in relation to the mental health and well being of Canadians.
Law Project for Psychiatric Rights
The Law Project for Psychiatric Rights has a mission to bring fairness and reason into the administration of legal aspects of the mental health system, particularly unwarranted court ordered psychiatric drugging. The public mental health system is creating a huge class of chronic mental patients through forcing them to take ineffective, yet extremely harmful drugs. The purpose of the Law Project for Psychiatric rights is to promote and implement a legal campaign in support of psychiatric rights and against unwarranted court ordered psychiatric medication akin to what Thurgood Marshall and the NAACP mounted in the 40's and 50's on behalf of African American civil rights.
Mental Health Consumer Net Connections
By and for consumer/survivors living in British Columbia, Canada, the site is intended as an informational and referral resource for consumers within the province and beyond.
Mississippi Advocacy and Protection
Mississippi Protection and Advocacy System, Inc. is a private, nonprofit agency which receives federal funds to protect & advocate the rights of individuals with disabilities
Psychology and Psychotherapy in Austria
Commission of the European Communities. Replies to the questionnaire on psychotherapists Regulated by the "Psychotherapiegesetz" (Psychotherapy Act)- 1995.
Stop Bad Therapy
Information about false memory syndrome, repressed memories, recovered memories and retractors, and an online test to evaluate therapy.
Surgeon General's Conference
Report of the Surgeon General's Conference on Children's Mental Health: A National Action Agenda. This report was prepared by the Department of Health and Human Services in collaboration with the Department of Education and the Department of Justice. It i
The Parent Advocate Network
An online resource for parents who have a child with a mental illness/disorder.
The stigma of CineMania
CineMania was designed to expose the role of the media in promoting the stigmas associated with mental illness.

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