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AMA - American Medical Association Home Page
AMA - Physicians dedicated to the health of America.
American College of Gastroenterology
This site provides a wide variety of information including practice guidelines, research grants, educational opportunities, general facts about the field and information for patients.
American College of Nutrition
Established in 1959 to promote scientific endeavor in the field of nutritional sciences. Objectives: * To enhance knowledge of nutrition and metabolism and the application of such knowledge to the maintenance of health and the treatment of disease. * To provide an organization which encompasses the needs of professionals from all disciplines with a common interest in nutrition. * To provide a forum where an interchange of views, professional and educational experiences, and research results in the general field of nutrition which may be conducted in an atmosphere of professional congeniality. * To encourage the incorporation of a strong, clearly defined nutrition teaching module in the curriculum of all medical schools and to encourage the inclusion of nutritional education in medical post graduate training. * To promote educational programs at all levels and provide advocacy support for non MD nutrition professionals.
American Dietetic Association
Designed for food and nutrition professionals, this site provides links to information about association membership, annual meetings, accredited programs, careers, publications, certification and links to related nutrition resources.
American Society for Nutritional Sciences
Although this site emphasizes organizational activities, the full text and abstracts of their official publication the Journal of Nutrition Online is also available beginning in 1997.
American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN)
In addition to information about the association and its meetings, this site also includes extensive information about publications, standards, certification and continuing education.
Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion
This site provides a variety of nutrition-related resources, including reports and articles. Of note are papers on the food guide pyramid and on dietary guidelines.
Center for Science in the Public Interest
Interested in nutrition quality and the food safety? Check out this site which includes current news and legislation, and information about the Nutrition Action Healthletter.
Dietitians of Canada
Nicely designed and easy to use, this site contains extensive information including resources on nutrition, on the profession, on research and on opinions and positions concerning current issues. Handy fact sheets on food and diet are good starting points.
International Food Information Council (IFIC)
Established in 1985 as a non-profit organization sponsored by food and beverage companies, this site provides access to scientifically based information on food and nutrition to journalists, professionals, educators, government officials and consumers.
International Union of Nutritional Sciences
The mission statement of the IUNS reads: The objects of the International Union of Nutritional Sciences, hereinafter called the "Union" are: 1. to promote international cooperation in the scientific study of nutrition and its application; 2. to encourage research and the exchange of scientific information in the nutritional sciences, by the holding of congresses and conferences, by publication, and by other suitable means; 3. to establish such commissions, committees, and other bodies as may be required in the pursuit of (1) and (2); 4. to provide a means of communication with other organizations, and to encourage participation in the activities of the International Council of Scientific Unions, of which the Union is a member; 5. to develop activity regarded as helpful and appropriate in achieving the objectives of the Union. The IUNS addresses contemporary global nutrition issues.
Intersociety Professional Nutrition Education Consortium
The Intersociety Professional Nutrition Education Consortium's (IPNEC) goal is to achieve national consensus on the identity, training, and certification of Physician Nutrition Specialistᆴ.

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